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For Those Who Conquer was started as a beacon to all, a reminder that though life may seem hard, you have the ability to overcome, prosper, and to do better today than you did yesterday.


I was raised by two amazing parents who taught me the importance of perseverance, discipline, and necessity to do the work God has given me. Fitness and being active has always been a large part of my life, as I played sports growing up through school, but not always for the right reasons. I struggled through high school with bullying and the mentality I had toward my appearance, constantly consumed by what others thought of me and trying to figure out how I could make myself look better, even though I was already extremely lean. I began lifting with the help of a good friend and mentor, and started to break down some of those unhealthy habits and thought patterns.


After graduating high school, I began college at Georgia Tech in the Fall of 2021. I faced a completely new set of challenges from my environment, work load, and the freedom I was suddenly handed. I gave into the college life for the first two semester, straying from the strong discipline and commitment to improving myself that I once had, and found myself in an even worse place than where I started.


I decided to change, to conquer my situation and find purpose in what I was doing. I committed to showing up, to get 1% better every day. It was by no means easy, but I found the times when it was challenging because I chose to challenge myself were far more rewarding than being challenged by circumstances outside of my control. Throughout this journey, I used clothing and equipment from well known fitness companies, but found there was no personal meaning in the clothes, and though they were good, I felt like there should be something more to it than just what influencer is wearing it.

From there the idea for FTWC was birthed, a fitness and lifestyle brand that will serve as a reminder to anyone wearing or seeing it that it's the you of yesterday you are trying to beat, and the you of tomorrow will be stronger, wiser, and better from the struggles of today. So whether your battle is in the gym, the pantry, your place of work, your phone, your mind, or anywhere else, wear a brand with meaning, with purpose, and with a statement, a statement that says,"I am someone who overcomes my fears, perseveres through my trials, and will conquer whatever it is that comes my way!"

- Nate Sheldon

Our Story


Where it all started

11 Years Old


Was a little full of myself after graduation


Summer after losing 30lbs of the bulk


Obsession of trying to "look better". Would think of myself being too fat.


The launch of FTWC.

Time to make a difference and help others.


The current physique. Still growing and learning, but in a healthier headspace. A constant battle though.


Put on an intentional 65lbs to get over the obsession of myself and the way I looked

My Storyboard

Time to see what God can do...

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